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While researching Blog services we stumbled across some interesting and some not so interesting blogs. A number of people write about dull topics like the social life of their dust bunnies, whereas others write about controversial or motivating topics that inspire empathy and action.

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Blogging Trends

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Interesting Blog Trends

While researching Blog services we stumbled across some interesting and some not so interesting blogs. A number of people write about dull topics like the social life of their dust bunnies, whereas others write about controversial or motivating topics that inspire empathy and action.

Blogs are an outlet and a stimulator, and unlike many publishing sources, blogs are equally available to everyone. So no matter how uncommon, unique or trivial the topic is, it can be shared.

Here are 10 interesting trends we have noticed in the Blogosphere:

  • 1.Informative Blogs:We commend the time it must take to research and write informative blogs. Some cover topics in history or current events; others relate detailed information on hobbies, techniques or procedures.
  • 2.Creative Rants:Rants are posted everywhere and we understand that it must feel good to get the frustration out. But some bloggers have made the extra effort to make their rants entertaining, informative and even funny.

  • 3.Company Weblogs:Companies are beginning to see the benefit of projecting a more “human” or “approachable” image and are publishing blogs. We have seen some blogs that do a good job at educating customers about products or even frustrations and accomplishments involved in developing a new product.

  • 4.Personal Accounts:Often news broadcasters/ publishers do not have the time or space to relate the whole story. Some writers are taking it upon themselves to document the daily details of an event, like a political race or a natural disaster. This has added a ground level, human voice to pivotal events.

  • 5.Cultural Introspectives:Some people are using their blogs to help others understand their culture, history and social views, in hope that understanding will inspire improved global relations and altruistic action.

  • 6.Pioneering Ideas:#Many blogs start a buzz or promote original ideas before they are realized or marketed to the general public. Since most blogs are not motivated by monetary goals they are free avenues of discussion of innovative or alternative thought.

  • 7.Niche Notching:Blogs are cheap or free and readily available, so even blogs that cover obscure or unique topics find readers. No matter what your interest is, you can find a blog on that topic.

  • 8.Family Blogs:Staying in touch is hard and there are always schedule conflicts. Some families use a blog to share family news and pictures and the blog is available to the entire family anytime of day.

  • 9.Creative Writing:Getting published is hard; publishing a book takes a long time and comes with challenges. Some writers are skipping the traditional publishing route and just writing. Blogs can get a writers work out to the world in a hassle free manner. We found many well–composed and thoughtful posts originated by talented writers.

  • 10.Travel Blogs:We discovered interesting travel accounts. Some bloggers write about vacationing, others about their tour of service or their research and humanitarian efforts in an impoverished or developing country.

Blogs can inspire, inform or incite. They can be used to document the smallest detail of one life or the largest, most urgent issues of the entire human race. No matter the topic or the writer this avenue of self expression is open to everyone.

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Blogging Tips - 3 Blogging Secrets For Getting a Tidal Wave of Profits

Author: Fabian Tan

When doing the research for launching your blog, you are likely to come across thousands of blogging secrets that will hold you in good stead as you go along. However, it can also be overwhelming to take in all at once. If you are a newcomer to the world of blogging, here are three of the most basic tenets of blogging that you need to remember.

1. Keep your Blog Short, Sweet & Simple

Your blogs should not be longer than a few hundred words. Blogs that are too long drawn will just be one big yawn for your readers. Keeping the word count down on your blog allow your readers to read the entire blog without getting bored or intimidated. Someone who sees a long article may not feel that they have the time or energy to read the blog.

2. Use Hyperlinks

If you are launching your blog for the express purpose of attracting customers towards another website where something is sold you will want to use hyperlinks to link your readers either to your website or that of your affiliates.

3. Use Search Engine Optimized Content on your Blog

Finally, you will want to make sure your blog is search engine optimized so that those who do a search for keywords will be able to find it online. Much of what is discovered online comes from the search engines. By creating a search engine optimized blog, you will drive more people to your website and your blog. This is one of the best blogging secrets that you can not only use for your blog but your website as well.

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