Client Modules And ASP Modules Salisbury MD

When the time comes to select project management software, many managers are presented with the dilemma of choosing between client (local) and ASP (online) software options. What are the differences? Which is better? Read on and learn more.

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Client Modules And ASP Modules

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When the time comes to select project management software, many managers are presented with the dilemma of choosing between client (local) and ASP (online) software options. What are the differences? Which is better? To be honest, neither type is strictly better than the other. Both have advantages and strengths, and ultimately both make excellent options for any project management need.

Client Modules

Let’s begin with client modules. Simply put, client modules are those project management programs that you install on one of the computers at your workplace. And, like most other programs, the program in its entirety resides on your hard drive.

This arrangement gives you unparalleled control over how the program interacts with your other hardware and software, and also makes the system very secure (as long as you’ve taken sufficient measures to secure your system).

There’s also less chance of having documents or schedules overwritten, since you can directly and easily control which users have permission to alter certain documents and files. Generally, client modules tend to lean toward greater customization and more in-depth project management. They also will often include better budgeting and accounting features than ASP modules.

On the flipside, client modules usually mean more communication and collaboration effort on the part of the project manager; they aren’t quite as adept as ASP modules at bringing the team together in one place for simple communication. Since the program is installed on one computer, executives and clients often don’t have easy access to project status and other information.

One of the biggest disadvantages to a client module is the lack of a discussion forum (or the like), which can make communication between all levels of staff and even with the client simple and concise.

ASP Modules

ASP (application service provider) modules generally consist of a company that offers individuals or enterprises access over the Internet to application programs and related services that would other have to be located on their own personal or enterprise computers.

Because these programs are installed remotely on the Internet, they can be accessed from nearly any Internet-capable computer. This allows for unparalleled collaboration between team members, managers, executives and even clients. Additionally, multiple users can access the system at the same time, each from their own computer.

This focus on online collaboration and communication makes brainstorming and issue tracking simple. ASP modules allow managers to email assignments to team members easily, and can make document sharing a snap (since the files are simply stored and accessed online).

Like client modules, ASP modules do have their disadvantages. New accounts can be difficult to set up and keep track of. Also, since documents and files are stored remotely online, it’s possible for others to accidentally overwrite important files.

The very fact that ASP modules run online can lead to serious issues. If the ASP server crashes, then you lose all access to your stored information and documents. Login problems can also be an issue.

Finally, ASP modules are usually more expensive than client modules. Client modules consist of a one-time purchase price, while ASP modules usually have monthly fees (sometimes based on the number of users, which can add up).

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both client and ASP modules are solid, capable project management solutions. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, and each manager simply needs to evaluate which will best augment the strengths of their team members.

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