Committing to Good Health Hagerstown MD

Follow these tips from everyone's favorite Biggest Loser trainer on making a commitment to good health.

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Committing to Good Health

Follow these tips from everyone's favorite Biggest Loser trainer on making a commitment to good health. 

1. You start by taking the first baby steps and putting yourself out there. Your baby step might be to get a gym membership, a book on weight loss or fitness, or joining a Web site to get support and learn about calories. Every step after that is easier as you stretch that emotional fabric, little by little.

2. Next is knowledge. Knowledge gives you the power. You need to understand how your body works so the efforts you make are not in vain. You have to understand calories. You have to understand the difference between processed white bread and whole grain bread and what it does to your body. You have to understand what types of exercises are going to do the best things for your body and will ultimately give you better results. People who don’t understand their bodies put in the effort but don’t get the results.

3. Set small goals. I’ve written in one of my books about the “goal pyramid,” which gives you a roadmap to achieving your goals. Document what you want to achieve (your ultimate goal) at the top of the pyramid. That might be to lose 20 pounds or to run a marathon, for example. Then, work backward from there. OK, what’s getting in your way? If it’s that you don’t eat healthy foods, set a goal for one week to eat healthy foods.

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