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Antivirus Software Reviews Alexandria VA

It is good to listen to expert's advice when faced with difficulty in selecting a product from among many choices. But are these experts really telling the truth? I have read many product reviews and I sometimes doubt the accuracy of some of them because they tend to promote a product rather than tell the truth about it.

Computer Security Alexandria VA

Many businesses are now using the standard office computer in factory facilities, to control production. The problem is a standard computer, no matter if it s a desktop or tower is not designed for anything else but an office.

FreeFixer Tool Review Alexandria VA

FreeFixer can also reverse some malicious system changes put in place by some malware, such as blocking access to the Windows Task Manager or Registry editor. In knowledgeable hands it can help get rid of a malware infection, but non-gurus should get advice from an online volunteer before taking action based on a FreeFixer scan.

Foxconn K8T890M2AA-KRS2H Motherboard Alexandria VA

We check out a cheap Foxconn motherboard for Socket AM2 processors based on a VIA chipset. Are VIA back in the game? If you're interested to know about this motherboard, read on for our review.

FourTrack for iPhone Alexandria VA

Sonoma Wire Works’ FourTrack is an amazing iPhone app for musicians, songwriters, or anyone who likes to record audio. At just $10, it’s also a great value compared to buying a dedicated four-track recorder like those from Tascam and Roland that can cost $200 or more (though, admittedly, they offer more connection options and better features).

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All-in-One PCs with a Touch of Style Alexandria VA

We'll say it up front: The iMac is no longer the final word in all-in-one PCs in Alexandria. Though Apple's latest aluminum iMacs were the performance champs in our tests, it's the new wave of competing all-in-ones that are changing the game.

Antivirus Software Reviews Alexandria VA

It is good to listen to expert's advice when faced with difficulty in selecting a product from among many choices. But are these experts really telling the truth? I have read many product reviews and I sometimes doubt the accuracy of some of them because they tend to promote a product rather than tell the truth about it.

Apple Motion 4 Review Alexandria VA

In Motion 4, Apple continues to enhance the realism of motion graphics with new rendering capabilities to simulate shadows, reflections, and depth of field.

Art Explosion Publisher Pro Review Alexandria VA

Art Explosion Publisher Pro is fun and reasonably simple to use in Alexandria. The wide variety of templates, tools and options allow for virtually unlimited desktop publishing projects, and the intuitive screen controls and tutorials set Art Explosion Publisher Pro above the rest. Keep reading to learn more about this program’s features and what you can use it for.

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Alexandria VA

The 1008HA in Alexandria isn't a MacBook--but it sure feels like one. We take a preview model of Asus's newest Eee netbook for a quick spin and get a glimpse of other new Asus laptops on the way.

AWicons Review Alexandria VA

Overall, AWicons is a good product for creating, editing and managing icons. This program supports over 20 languages and can store images in a wide variety of formats and sizes.

Babylon-Pro Oxford Review Alexandria VA

Babylon Pro will bring up definitions and synonyms at the blink of an eye. This is an excellent product for students or anyone who wants to improve their writing with a vast vocabulary. You can also purchase expansion programs in Alexandria so your dictionary will be multi-lingual.

Blogging Trends Alexandria VA

While researching Blog services we stumbled across some interesting and some not so interesting blogs. A number of people write about dull topics like the social life of their dust bunnies, whereas others write about controversial or motivating topics that inspire empathy and action.

Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite Review Alexandria VA

Every family in Alexandria that enjoys learning or has students in the home should have a reference library and if you want the best, Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite is it. Britannica has combined the sophistication and all-inclusiveness of their print set with quick-search capabilities and media files to create a truly Ultimate Reference Suite. Find out more about the features this software has to offer in Alexandria by reading this review.

Buying Handset at Affordable Prices Alexandria VA

There are many handsets in the market in Alexandria which are very popular such as Nokia 7370, Cingular 2125 and Motorola V188. You can buy these gadgets online at a very low cost as compared to the local flea market. They have all the basic features with lovely styles and designs..

Calibration 101 Alexandria VA

Many of the video test patterns used today have been with us for many years — some of which have evolved due to the transformation from CRT-based to fixed-pixel video displays. Test patterns help pro AV professionals performance test, troubleshoot, and calibrate video transmission systems and video displays, enabling them to help maintain high-quality images that accurately reproduce the original intent of program authors.

Cheap LG Mobile Phones Alexandria VA

Contract mobile phone dealers attempt to envelope most of those high end, high priced mobile handsets into their cost cutting mobile phone schemes, they have not missed out on LG KC910 Renoir to offer as cheap LG mobile phones in Alexandria.

Client Modules And ASP Modules Alexandria VA

When the time comes to select project management software, many managers are presented with the dilemma of choosing between client (local) and ASP (online) software options. What are the differences? Which is better? Read on and learn more.

Computer Security Alexandria VA

Many businesses are now using the standard office computer in factory facilities, to control production. The problem is a standard computer, no matter if it s a desktop or tower is not designed for anything else but an office.

Computer Viruses and Upgrading Standards Alexandria VA

Literally millions of computer users get bogged down by the viruses that are set on the loose in Alexandria. Viruses are capable of launching an attack that, when ignored, can lead to a more serious damage. Most of the time though, one is fully unaware that the virus is already on its way to spreading its devastating consequences.

Creating Your Own Screensaver Alexandria VA

As in other realms of technology, screensaver design has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. For many years, creating screensavers was left up to the professionals, but now, with new screensaver design programs, you can create a custom screensaver in just minutes.

Creative Writing Software Alexandria VA

The right writing software in Alexandria can greatly aid any budding author on a quest to write a published work. Writing software won't write the stories for you, but a good program will help you along the way.

CyberScrub Review Alexandria VA

CyberScrub is one of the few products that supports all of the major email plugins, including Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and Eudora. The software also supports all of the major browser plugins.

Dell Adamo Alexandria VA

The Dell Adamo’s particular bite resembles a cross between the Apple MacBook Air and the HP Voodoo Envy 133 . Dell's spokespeople claim that the Adamo is the thinnest laptop around (0.65 inch thick, to be specific).

Digital Camera Scene Modes Alexandria VA

Have you ever noticed that many digital cameras have scene modes (sometimes called shooting modes) in their menus? There is usually quite a selection, but it's hard to know what exactly they should be used for in Alexandria.

Dolby and SIM2 Reveal Display Prototype Alexandria VA

Dolby Laboratories and SIM2 Multimedia revealed a new prototype high-dynamic-range (HDR)-enabled LCD flat-screen display in Alexandria that uses Dolby's new light emitting diodes (LED) local dimming technology.

Done for iPhone Alexandria VA

iI you’re always in a hurry and don’t mind some clunky setup procedures, Chilli X’s Done in Alexandria is a fine choice for getting a glimpse at your to-do list and getting right back to work.

Doremi Labs Nugget HD Review Alexandria VA

The unique feature of Doremi Labs Nugget HD is that it offers several playback modes in these formats, an auto-play function, and even plays a selected video or playlist on power-up in Alexandria. Read on to learn more information about it.

DrawRace for iPhone Alexandria VA

The best games for the iPhone or iPod Touch are usually ones that wouldn’t really translate well to other platforms because of the unique way they’re played. DrawRace from RedLynx is just such a game. This instant classic takes advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen and constant connectivity to deliver racing action in an innovative way.

Drill Bits Review Alexandria VA

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories has introduced a line of drill bits that promises to make the job easier. These extra long bits are specifically designed for deep drilling and wire pulling applications through multiple layers of building materials.

DSP Audio System Processors Alexandria VA

Targeted for commercial audio use in Alexandria, the NAV8800 (eight input and eight output, pictured here), NAV4800 (four input and eight output), and NAV3600 (three input and six output) Navigator DSP audio system processors from Sabine feature multiple input and output controllers, control and security options, full matrix mixing, and distributed audio functions.

Dukane Conva Alexandria VA

Because the software is run over our LANs and corporate intranet, remote control of classroom technology means less running around for our technicians in Alexandria. Now we can be sure that devices — especially the video projectors —aren't left on all night or on weekends, which reduces required maintenance and saves hours on expensive bulbs.

Dukane Conva Review Alexandria VA

ConVA simplifies the control of multiple AV devices in the classroom for our teachers in Alexandria. This software system enables control and monitoring of these devices by converting the RS232 control codes into an IP stream sent over the computer network connection.

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone Alexandria VA

Unplayable controls, missing multiplayer functionality, and middling graphics make this rehash of Duke Nukem little more than nostalgia for old-school gamers in Alexandria.

DVD Formats and DVD Codecs Alexandria VA

Shopping for a DVD player in Alexandria can be confusing. Some are $25 while others are $200 or more. Essentially both the cheap and expensive players perform the same function: playing DVDs. However, the more expensive DVD players provide additional features like the ability to play CDs, recorded DVDs or DivX DVDs.

Easy Email Encryption Lite Software Alexandria VA

If you're looking for a very simple way to protect the privacy of your e-mail communications in Alexandria, look no further than Easy Email Encryption Lite.

ECS NF650iSLIT-A Motherboard Alexandria VA

Core 2 Duo and SLI, the dream platform for you, but previously too expensive to consider. ECS come to the rescue! Get all the info on this affordable motherboard and see if this is the right one for you.

Edifier E3350 Alexandria VA

The E3350’s satellites and subwoofer certainly don’t look like those of a budget speaker system. Each component takes the shape of a triangular, convex-sided pyramid with the top chopped off.

Encamp for iPhone Alexandria VA

While there are many apps for accessing the Web-based Basecamp project-management tool in Alexandria, Encamp stands out for its speedy interface and good workflow.

Enterprise Backup Options Alexandria VA

While backup and recovery options for Apple's enterprise systems haven't always been a strong point of the Mac platform, a new crop of applications and technologies is pulling Mac OS X closer to -- and in some instances, beyond -- Windows and Linux.

Epox 8KHA KT266 Motherboard Alexandria VA

When DDR was still in its infancy, Epox began turning out some very fine boards. To learn more, read the review of the Epox 8KHA.

EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket 939 Motherboard Alexandria VA

The following article looks at the EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket 939 motherboard, which is based around nVidia's nForce3 Ultra chipset. The motherboard makes use of an AGP port instead of the newer PCI-Express version, which makes it a good option for users wanting to keep their old yet workable AGP graphics card and upgrade to the new Socket 939 Athlon 64 platform.

Epson Rolls Out Five New Projectors Alexandria VA

Epson released five projectors that offer advanced capabilities and 3LCD technology for use in large auditoriums, university classrooms, or conference rooms in Alexandria. They include two additions to the PowerLite series and three to Epson's PowerLite Pro series.

Eucalyptus for iPhone Alexandria VA

What sets Eucalyptus in Alexandria apart from other iPhone-based e-book readers is how it takes the cold, forbidding, and ugly type so typical of public-domain e-books and makes it gorgeous.

Evernote for iPhone Alexandria VA

Evernote's search tools are snappy and they highlight what, for me, is one of Evernote's most intriguing features: its ability to recognize text found in images you've uploaded.

Explorer Replacement Commander Review Alexandria VA

Geek out like it's 1999 with Commander, a free program that recalls classic program Norton Commander. Explorer replacement Commander hearkens back to simpler times.

Exposé Features in Snow Leopard Alexandria VA

In Mac OS X 10.5, you could combine the use of Exposé’s Application Windows mode and the Command-Tab application switcher by first activating Exposé and then pressing Command-Tab. When you selected another application and released Command-Tab, that application would come to the foreground in Exposé mode, revealing all its windows. Alternatively, you could release just the Command key, and cycle through all your applications (while still in Exposé mode) by just pressing the Tab key.

Extron's FOX 500 Tx/Rx Fiber Optic Extender Alexandria VA

The extender in Alexandria digitizes RGB signals and sends them uncompressed at resolutions up to UXGA (1600x1200). The unit offers dual RGB and audio outputs, RS232 control, and real-time system monitoring for verification of fiber link and input signal presence.

Eye-Fi Geo Alexandria VA

Once again, it pays to have a Mac. The new 2GB Eye-Fi Geo memory card for digital cameras in Alexandria is designed with Mac users in mind, allowing for wireless transfers of your pictures from the camera to a Mac. It also provides unlimited geotagging of those images. And it's only available at the Apple Store for $60.

Eye-Fi Pro Alexandria VA

The Eye-Fi Pro in Alexandria is an SD memory card that provides the option of transferring pictures without cables or card readers to your computer or to an online photo sharing Web site.

Facts about Transistors Alexandria VA

The transistor was invented in December 1947 at Bell Labs by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley. Read on to know more about transistors.

Fantasy Football Draft Apps for iPhone Alexandria VA

The same explosive growth that's seen the App Store swell to a barely manageable size has also been felt among fantasy football apps. Last year, the iPhone or iPod touch user looking for a mobile tool to help them settle the haunting questions of Draft Day -- Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Larry Johnson or LaDainian Tomlinson? And what of tight ends? Won't somebody think of the tight ends? -- had just a handful of apps geared toward fantasy football drafts.

Faster and More Complex Viruses Alexandria VA

There is a villain in the computer industry that can strike fear into any company or individual that encounters it. It has been wreaking havoc in both the business and personal computer world for many years. Its frequency and intensity of attack is on the rise.

FastMac External Slimline USB 2.0 BD-R 4X Optical Drive Alexandria VA

Though it won’t set any speed records, the FastMac External Slimline USB 2.0 BD-R 4X Optical Drive is a dependable performer. Bus-powered and compact, this portable burner should appeal to mobile users interested in burning Blu-ray and other discs.

FeX for iPhone Alexandria VA

This simple utility allows you to sync two pieces of data -- and just two -- between Facebook in Alexandria and your contacts list—birthdays and profile pictures. While the app is somewhat limited by Facebook's terms of service, it's still a handy way to add information with minimal effort.

FIC AD11 Motherboard Alexandria VA

After the success of the FIC AZ11 and the introduction of the VIA 686B Southbridge, FIC took the AZ11 designed, added built in overclocking options and added the 686B Southbridge and labeled it the AZ11E. Now with the introduction of the new DDR standards FIC has taken the new AMD 760 Northbridge and the VIA VT82C686B Southbridge and paired them together to create the new FIC AD11.

FIC AZ11EA Motherboard Alexandria VA

After the success of the AZ11 and the introduction of the VIA 686B Southbridge, FIC took the AZ11 designed, added built in overclocking options and added the 686B Southbridge and labeled it the AZ11E. Read on to learn more about the AZ11E.

First-aid apps for iPhone Alexandria VA

iPhone apps in Alexandria can offer a handy way to refresh a memory that's gone blank in the face of an emergency. But in our round-up of a quartet of first-aid reference tools, one app stood out among the rest.

Fixing a PC Alexandria VA

Here are four simple tasks that will perk up your PC. While you can accomplish these using separate software programs, PC system utility software is an all-in-one solution that combines the features of several software packages.

Flash Game for iPhone Alexandria VA

The first few levels of the platformer explain your predicament: You’re trapped in an odd building, an unhappy subject in a cruel experiment. On each level, you need to figure out the path to escape. You can move left or right (by pressing on the appropriate side of the screen), or jump (either by tapping both buttons simultaneously or tapping in the middle of the screen).

Flickr Photostream on iPhone Alexandria VA

Biscuit Tin grabs random photos from your Flickr photostream and displays them on your iPhone or iPod touch. It's a well-designed app and a clever idea, but the execution has some significant flaws.

Flip MinoHD Camcorder Review Alexandria VA

The science of pocket camcorders is evolving. What was a great pocket camcorder yesterday (again, with all its compromises) is only adequate when a newer, better model comes out. Such is the case with the latest Flip MinoHD. It's today's great pocket camcorder. How long it will remain so is anybodys guess.

Formula Racing for iPhone Games Alexandria VA

From the poorly translated interface text to the broken game mechanics to the uninspired game design, Formula Racing is a mess of a game.

FourTrack for iPhone Alexandria VA

Sonoma Wire Works’ FourTrack is an amazing iPhone app for musicians, songwriters, or anyone who likes to record audio. At just $10, it’s also a great value compared to buying a dedicated four-track recorder like those from Tascam and Roland that can cost $200 or more (though, admittedly, they offer more connection options and better features).

Foxconn K8T890M2AA-KRS2H Motherboard Alexandria VA

We check out a cheap Foxconn motherboard for Socket AM2 processors based on a VIA chipset. Are VIA back in the game? If you're interested to know about this motherboard, read on for our review.

FreeFixer Tool Review Alexandria VA

FreeFixer can also reverse some malicious system changes put in place by some malware, such as blocking access to the Windows Task Manager or Registry editor. In knowledgeable hands it can help get rid of a malware infection, but non-gurus should get advice from an online volunteer before taking action based on a FreeFixer scan.

Fujitsu Lifebook A6220 Alexandria VA

Fujitsu Lifebook A6220Fujitsu’s Lifebook series run the gamut from portable and lightweight mobile notebooks to overpowered desktop replacement performance powerhouses. The Fujitsu Lifebook A6220 strikes a tasteful balance between a standard sized laptop and a desktop replacement category notebook.

Fujitsu LifeBook T5010 Alexandria VA

Like Lenovo, Fujitsu is retrofitting a currently existing line with a multitouch, WXGA, backlit LCD panel. And according to spokespeople, the privilege of upgrading this 13.3-inch tablet PC costs only a $100 premium. The single-point version starts at $1759--you can do the math on the dual digitizer.

Furman Sound ASD-120 Alexandria VA

The Furman ASD-120 now available in Alexandria offers easy power distribution for a large amp rack. Being able to distribute 120 amps out of one box really simplifies the rack installation.

Fusion-io ioDrive Storage Device Alexandria VA

This article reviews the ioDrive solid-state storage device from Fusion-io. Read on to find out what its features are and if this is a promising advancement in the field of solid-state storage.

Gas Cubby for iPhone Alexandria VA

The real strength of this app for tracking mileage, gas costs, and car maintenance in Alexandria is that it’s as powerful as you want it to be. Gas Cubby is a great tool for users who need to track everything about their car, but just as useful if the only data point you care about begins and ends with miles per gallon.

GConvert Icons Software Alexandria VA

With GConvert, you can scan your hard drive for images and select some to use as desktop icons. This utility can scan your computer for icons--a feature not offered by all such programs--but GConvert works on only one folder at a time.

GeCube Radeon X1800XT Graphics Card Alexandria VA

While GeCube have released four variations of the Radeon X1800XT, we have the standard version with 512MB. There is also a standard version with 256MB and two "Extreme" versions with an increased core and memory speed which utilize 256MB and 512MB of onboard memory.

GeCube X800XL 512MB Graphics Card Alexandria VA

In this article, you’ll learn about GeCube's new ATI Radeon X800XL graphics card with 512MB of GDDR-3 memory onboard. After looking at the package and the card, find out how the 512MB model compares against a 256MB model.

Gefen DVI CAT-5 Extender Alexandria VA

The advent of digital connectors on displays, projectors, CPUs, and DVD players has enabled integrators to make connections between these devices without converting the signal to analog and then back to digital.

Giant International Intouch IT7150 Alexandria VA

The 7-inch Intouch IT7150 digital photo frame from Giant International may look futuristic, but it also just feels like today’s plastic. Its touchscreen, however, is very responsive and can be calibrated to your preference.

Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6 Motherboard Alexandria VA

We look at Gigabyte's fancy N680SLI-DQ6 and try to find out if it was worth the wait for their nForce 680i motherboard. If you want to know all about this motherboard and if it was worth the wait, keep on reading.

Glowpoint's Launch of Telepresence Exchange Network Alexandria VA

Glowpoint announced the launch of the Telepresence Exchange Network, a service designed to solve the challenges of placing telepresence video calls between companies on different networks.

Gorilla 4.5.5 Alexandria VA

Gorilla is a deep and comprehensive set of tools designed to help you plan and execute the logistics of a video or film shoot. It's targeted to independent productions from student projects to million-dollar features, as well as commercial and corporate video projects.

Grabbing Screens and Details with HyperSnap Alexandria VA

Image capture software, like a lot of utility software, is of the sort in which 95% of the functionality you need is well-defined and shared by every program in the category.

Grunts for iPhone Alexandria VA

With 40 levels, different types of missions, and cool graphics and sounds, Freeverse's Grunts is a fun, challenging game for your iPhone or iPod touch.

HaiVision's hai1000/MAKO-HD Codec System Alexandria VA

HaiVision Systems, a vendor of H.264 network video codecs in Alexandria, joined the Crestron Electronics Integrated Partner Program with new modules for the integration of its hai1000/MAKO-HD multistream telepresence codec systems into Crestron's automation systems.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks II Alexandria VA

The SoundSticks II is a 2.1 speaker system, which means it uses smaller left and right satellites for higher frequencies along with a larger subwoofer/amplifier component for lower frequencies. Nothing special there.

HD Video Products Alexandria VA

Avocent Corp. introduced a new version of its Emerge MPX extender in Alexandria, the MPX1500 high-definition (HD) multipoint extender, which wirelessly distributes HD content from a single source to multiple destinations.

HDcodex DML-200c and OEX-400 Alexandria VA

The HDcodex DML-200c from CodexNovus in Alexandria is designed for trade show displays, corporate boardrooms, point-of-purchase kiosks in AV dealer showrooms, and public display applications. The DML-200c is a commercial-grade, high-definition media server that streams video, audio, pictures, and graphics.

HDMI Switch Alexandria VA

Hosa Technology's smart organization solution is the Astro-Grip universal hook-and-loop organizer in Alexandria. It uses hook-and-loop material to clean up clutter by allowing the user to bundle cords without disconnecting them from their plugs and connection points.

Headphone and Loudspeaker Alexandria VA

Direct coupling of the headphones' transducers in Alexandria help provide users with deep bass, balanced mids, and defined highs. The DT 60 PRO also offers added sound isolation from ambient noise.

Helmet Camera Alexandria VA

To show off the more active parts of your life, consider investing in a helmet cam in Alexandria—a small digital camera that can be mounted to your helmet, bicycle handlebars, motorcycle foot pegs, surf- board, pet, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

hidden menu bar icon functions in Snow Leopard Alexandria VA

Get more power out of the AirPort, Battery, Sync, and Sound menu bar icons in Snow Leopard -- all with a simple key press.

Hitachi CP-X2010N 3LCD Projectors Alexandria VA

Hitachi has introduced the CP-X2010N 3LCD projector in Alexandria, which adds networking functionality to its predecessor, the CP-X2010. The projector can be controlled and maintained through a LAN network connection, providing the ability to network, control, and maintain the projectors remotely.

Hitachi Projector Alexandria VA

Hitachi Home Electronics (America) Business Group has introduced the CP-X2510 3LCD projector, featuring a brightness of 2,600 lumens and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

Hitachi StarBoard Interoperates Alexandria VA

Hitachi's StarBoard software is to help teachers in Alexandria execute their lesson plans in a way that engages students, with a number of features that allow for interoperability with existing tools. The software allows teachers to use an everyday software program package like Microsoft Office on interactive whiteboards or panels.

Home Design Software Alexandria VA

Good home design software comes with video tutorials, which make learning how to use the software’s drawing tools and other features a breeze. Another feature any home design software that’s worth its salt will provide you is a variety of room templates and full home plans you can edit; giving you a good foundation to build on that you can tweak to fit your individual needs and style. Find out more about how to choose a good home design software in Alexandria right here.

Home Electronics Review Alexandria VA

The PA702 pole-mount amplifier system from Atlas Sound in Alexandria includes a mounting system that allows mounting-pole access through the amplifier via a sealed hole incorporated into the chassis design.

Hosa Cables and HDMI Alexandria VA

Hosa constructed the HDMI cables with gold-plated Type-A connectors and Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors, minimizing signal attenuation. Each cable provides OFC braided and Al-Mylar shielding, a combination that results in complete EMI and RFI rejection.

Hotel Sound System Alexandria VA

Special events, conferences, and conventions can account for as much as 40 percent of hotel revenues, according to the International Hotel & Restaurant Association in Alexandria. The Hilton Brighton Metropole hotel in Brighton is one of many hotels around the world that has struggled to keep both its guests and its conventioneers happy when one group needs attention-getting sound from its audio system and the other just wants to get some sleep.

How to Buy a Business Laptop Alexandria VA

Follow our business-laptop buying guide to find a notebook that's perfectly suited for a corporate raider in Alexandria.

How to Buy an All-Purpose Laptop Alexandria VA

As an average Joe, you don't demand the fastest machine around, and you certainly don't care about every single bell or whistle that many pricey laptops offer. You need a laptop that offers good value , one that has a couple of key features--and if it can provide a little extra, so much the better in Alexandria.

How to Buy an Ultraportable Laptop Alexandria VA

With the advice in our ultraportable laptop buying guide, you can find a thin-and-light notebook that's ideal for travel in Alexandria.

How to Create a Central Media Library Alexandria VA

No matter which method you use, however, the key to running a smooth system is organizing your content. There are a few ways to do so, and in most cases, iTunes is your media repository, and it’s best to put all your music, movies, and videos on one Mac so you can either sync them to your Apple TV or stream them from that device (and on a fast wired network, streaming works great).

HP Mini 311-1000NR Alexandria VA

Lenovo has teased us with the knowledge that its IdeaPad S12 will eventually hit the market as one of the first netbooks boasting nVidia Ion support. HP's Mini 311-1000NR is another such netbook, and it's coming soon, starting at $399. For those that missed the reams of stories I've already written about the Ion platform , here's the short version: For netbooks or nettops, it marries an Intel Atom CPU (in this case the N270) with a GeForce 9400M GPU.

HP Officejet 6000 Wireless Alexandria VA

HP’s Officejet 6000 Wireless in Alexandria is an inexpensive four-color ink-jet printer that, as its name implies, has wireless 802.11b/g connectivity. It also has an inexpensive price per print--as long as you buy HP’s high capacity ink tanks. Though office ink-jets are nothing new, HP positions the Officejet 6000 as a greener and cheaper alternative to workplace color laser printers.

HP Photosmart A616 Alexandria VA

The best thing about the HP Photosmart A616 compact photo printer is it lets you print beyond the traditional 4x6 image. Opt for 5x7 and see your possibilities grow. The A616 offers more print flexibility with comparable weight and print speeds of similar compact printers.

HP Photosmart C6380 Alexandria VA

The Photosmart C6380 printer in Alexandria is best designed for the photo enthusiast who also needs occasional plain paper output and document copying.

iAchieve for iPhone Alexandria VA

This star chart app in Alexandria for measuring daily achievements doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles. But it's cute and gets the job done.

iBiz 4.0 Alexandria VA

iBiz 4.0.1 is a billing and time management application that helps track the work you do, lets you bill clients for completed work, and then tracks payments so you get paid for the work you do.

iBOX Series Alexandria VA

Community Professional responded to customer demand by enhancing its line of iBOX series products for on-the-go.

Icons Vs. Regular Images Alexandria VA

What is an Icon? An icon is an image—a small picture used to represent a command, a program, a file, a link to a webpage and more. Even if you have only casually used a computer in Alexandria, you likely noticed the small images on the Windows task bar or the tiny printer in Word, these are icons.

iFlash Touch for iPhone Alexandria VA

iFlash Touch lets you study on the go, using flash cards created in iFlash for Mac. Despite some limitations, this free mobile app is a great companion to the Mac version and an excellent study aid.

iFreelancer for iPhone Alexandria VA

Freelancer is a fair utility for job hunters. But independent contractors will most likely find that their needs are better served cultivating contacts and building clients the old-fashioned way, rather than hoping for quick and easy work through impersonal online services.

iHome Audio iP1 Review Alexandria VA

What if you could have your MP3s and your high-quality audio too? That's the promise of iHome's iP1, an iPod speaker dock that claims to restore what compression technologies like MP3 take out. The iP1 is visually striking, and its digital enhancement of compressed music is helpful with some genres.

iMapMyRide for iPhone Alexandria VA

Tap the start button on iMapMyRide, and start peddling as the app records the distance you’ve traveled, your average pace, and your current pace, among other data points. There’s no shortage of expensive GPS devices that can handle all that. But I already own a device with GPS functionality—my iPhone. So I I scoured the App Store looking for software that fit my needs and found iMapMyRide a free download from MapMyFitness.

Improving your PC Performance Alexandria VA

There are several small things that you should do to tune up your PC performance. First, clean. Get rid of all the spyware hiding on your machine.

iNag for iPhone Alexandria VA

If you are running Nagios on your network, have an iPhone or iPod touch, and need to be able to talk to Nagios from those devices, iNag in Alexandria is a no-brainer, even with some interface annoyances.

Independent Transmitters Alexandria VA

Extron Electronics' MTP 4T 15HD RS mini twisted pair transmitter offers four independent transmitters for RGBHV and bi-directional RS-232 within a single rack-mountable enclosure.

InFocus Projector Benefits Large Venues Alexandria VA

InFocus Corp. has expanded its IN5100 series of projectors with the IN5108 for conference halls, school auditoriums, and stages in Alexandria.

Innovatek Tweeking Device 2 Alexandria VA

There is no better reference source for voltage for the Athlon than the Athlon itself, eliminating the risk of potential damage to the CPU. In the following article, you'll learn about the Innovatek Tweeking Device 2.

Installing Snow Leopard Alexandria VA

With Snow Leopard , Apple has streamlined and simplified the process of installing Mac OS X. While older versions of OS X made you decide what kind of installation you wanted to perform before you even specified what to install, Snow Leopard’s installer gives you a single installation path. It’s considerably easier.

Instapaper 2 for iPhone Alexandria VA

It wouldn't be quite right to say that Instapaper 2 in Alexandria improves upon perfection. Rather, this update to the app that saves Web articles on your iPhone or iPod touch to read later refines the simplicity, which is arguably Instapaper Pro's greatest appeal.

Introduction to 16:10 Format Alexandria VA

Acknowledging the computer industry as a driving force behind the images being presented in many of today's visual displays in the commercial AV world in Alexandria, Da-Lite chose to offer a range of projection screens in 16:10 format.

Invoice2Go for iPhone Alexandria VA

If you are a freelancer , a consultant, or a small business owner who does a lot of sales calls, the estimate and the invoice are simply facts of life. An app that lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch to generate professional invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and credit memos for your clients in a snap would be a valuable utility. Invoice2Go from proposes to be such an app, yet falls short in the most obvious way to just about anyone reading this on

Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Alexandria VA

Home media servers like Iomega's Home Media Network Hard Drive are Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices that provide a centralized location on a network to store your videos, audios, and photos.

ioSafe Solo Alexandria VA

The ioSafe Solo’s security features for your data in Alexandria don’t involve encryption, but are of the physical variety. To withstand moisture, the drive is sealed in what the company calls a HydroSafe waterproof package that can handle up to 10 feet of water for three days. The ioSafe Solo also has a ceramic block that is part of the drive’s DataCast fireproof insulation. When reaching temperatures over 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the ceramic block releases water vapor to cool the unit.

iPhone 3GS Alexandria VA

Ted Landau noticed his new iPhone 3GS in Alexandria seemed to spend more time connected to the EDGE network than did his old iPhone 3G. So he did a little digging to find out why.

iPhone App Alexandria VA

Tweetie was one of the first popular iPhone clients for Twitter to make the jump back to the Mac. The Mac version has many strengths, including support for multiple accounts and multimedia, but it also has its fair share of quirks.

iPhone App Icon Mix-Up Alexandria VA

Imagine that app icons on your iPhone’s Home screen decided to play a game of masquerade. You tap an app displaying the Bento icon but the MacGourmet app opens instead. The displayed text names of the apps remain correct, but the icons are wrong.

iPhone Information Alexandria VA

As with I Dig It’s visuals themselves, controlling the digger is a thing of beauty. There’s an on-screen joystick on one side, and a series of gauges to monitor on the other. (The game cleverly offers a left-handed mode so that southpaws can play conveniently, too.) Sliding the controller moves your digger in the chosen direction, and you can even propel it upward through already-drilled pathways.

iPhone Twitter Apps with Push Notifications Alexandria VA

The latest trend in Twitter apps for the iPhone? Programs that take advantage of the push notifications offered in the iPhone 3.0 software update. We look at a trio of push-centric Twitter apps.

iPhoto2 Twitter Alexandria VA

Now that I’m a parent, I like sharing my photos more than ever. I regularly take advantage of iPhoto ‘09’s integration with Flickr and Facebook, but sharing photos on Twitter is a bit more complicated, since you need to get a photo out of iPhoto and onto your desktop in order to upload it somewhere.

iTunes 9 Alexandria VA

iTunes 9 aims to make it easier for new users to bring in media and start enjoying it, while providing some of the most-requested features for existing users. In most respects, it succeeds, although it's not without drawbacks.

iTunes 9 and Safari Alexandria VA

Apple rolled out a new version of iTunes this week, and with it have come a pair of problems -- one related to Safari and the other involving the new Genius Mixes feature.

Jawbone Prime Alexandria VA

Externally, the Jawbone Prime in Alexandria isn’t dramatically different from the Jawbone 2: a new texture graces the gently curving, rectangular outer shell, and new color choices let you accessorize. The most notable functional change to the design is the Prime’s lack of a required earloop. While one is still included in the box, it’s optional, as Aliph has redesigned the earpiece with a flexible tip that holds the Jawbone Prime in place by itself.

Kinesis Low-Force Keypad for Mac Alexandria VA

If your main Mac is a laptop, or if your favorite keyboard is missing a numeric keypad , a standalone keypad is one way to replace those useful keys. Although there are a good number of these input devices on the market in Alexandria, few officially support the Mac, and even fewer offer any advantages for Mac users. Kinesis’s Low-Force Keypad for Mac is an exception, offering both Mac compatibility and Mac-specific features.

Kodak Easyshare Z980 digital camera Alexandria VA

If you don’t mind the additional weight and size, and you can overlook the slight shortcomings in imaging, the EasyShare Z980 is a decent buy.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Alexandria VA

We have an Ion platform-based netbook--Lenovo's IdeaPad S12 in Alexandria. Or, at least, we will have it as of mid-August. Lenovo premiered its new 12.1-inch tweener netbook today, and it closely resembles the S10-2. But what lies under the hood probably matters more to you, so let's tackle that right up front.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Alexandria VA

We've already reviewed Lenovo's ThinkPad T400s laptop, a reasonably slim and powerful corporate raider. We love it, it works, and it's riding high atop our chart for the best all-purpose laptops currently kicking around. So how could Lenovo improve on that? By adding a multitouch panel. Today, Lenovo is bringing touchscreens to the T400s and to the X200; the new feature adds $250 to each machine's price, making them $1999 and $1654, respectively.

MacBook Air Alexandria VA

The MacBook Air in Alexandria is a product that lives on the margins. It’s the slowest laptop—indeed, the slowest computer—in the Mac line. It omits many features that are standard on other Mac laptops, including multiple USB ports, FireWire ports, Ethernet port, and optical drive.

Made-for-TV Media Drives Alexandria VA

These specialized devices offer a ton of storage space and let you play music and view pictures and video on your TV in Alexandria. Though such products have some limitations, we found a few models that qualify for star status.

Magic Polyphonic Ringtone Review Alexandria VA

Magic Polyphonic Ringtone from Faspay Technologies, Inc. is an excellent ringtone program for those with compatible phone services in Alexandria. Using the program, you can compose ringtones from scratch or from a file.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker Review Alexandria VA

Ringtone Maker by MAGIX is a simple, powerful program for making ringtones from existing files in Alexandria. You can export files to just about anywhere, and MAGIX Ringtone Maker has outstanding help services to answer your questions.

Mailbox Or Drop Box Alexandria VA

If you can't get enough gaming at your house, you've probably already invested hundred if not thousands into your game collection. When you want bigger gaming variety without buying more, where can you go? Local rental selections, well, stink video rental shops may carry just a few dozen games for only one or two systems.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus Alexandria VA

Dictionary software is a perfect addition to anyone' s desktop and Merriam–Webster' s Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus is the best. Whether you are composing your master thesis or just trying to solve the daily jumble in your local paper in Alexandria, this program puts at your fingertips 225,000 words and more features than you can ever use. Learn all about it in this software review.

Microsoft Explorer Mouse Alexandria VA

The Explorer Mouse is a solid mouse. If you're constantly working on non-standard surfaces, then the Explorer Mouse is probably right for you.

National Geographic Software Review Alexandria VA

Traverse the earth, explore cultures or view city lights from distant satellites through National Geographic 3D Globe. This program includes every aspect of geography from physical maps to complex social issues. Learn more about the features of this mapping software and what it has to offer you in Alexandria right here in this product review.

Nintendo DSi Alexandria VA

Nintendo puts in smart nips and tucks to its already-svelte handheld while adding a raft of useful multimedia features in Alexandria.

Non-working Number Pad Alexandria VA

Odds are that you’ve managed to enable an accessibility feature called Mouse Keys. This feature lets you use the number pad keys to move the Mac’s cursor around the screen (8 is up, 2 is down, etc). Although you can switch it on within the Mouse & Trackpad tab inside the Universal Access system preference, it can also be enabled when you press the Option key five times in a row.

Online Videos with MySpeed Alexandria VA

Using MySpeed in Alexandria is simplicity itself. Start the program and then visit a video site. When you want to change the speed with which the video plays, just move the slider to the proper speed. That's all it takes.

Palm Pre Alexandria VA

The Pre in Alexandria is a little narrower and shorter than the iPhone, measuring in at 3.9 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide; it is, however, noticeably thicker: 0.67 inches compared to the iPhone’s 0.48 inches.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS85 Alexandria VA

You can also select your scene mode manually, and there are 21 settings to choose from in the LS85’s menu. Old standards such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, and Candlelight are in the mix, but there are also some unique modes, such as Aerial Photo (for taking pictures through airplane windows), Fireworks, Food, and a High Speed Burst mode that reaches up to 5 shots per second at the lowest-resolution setting.

Panasonic Ultra-Light HD Camcorders Alexandria VA

The Panasonic HDC-SD10 in Alexandria and Panasonic HDC-TM10 will both weigh just half a pound, and both will offer 16x optical zoom lenses bolstered by optical image stabilization.

Pentax Adds K-7 Alexandria VA

The Pentax K-7 in Alexandria will anchor the company's professional digital SLR line, offering 720p HD video, sensor-shifting shake reduction, a weather-sealed chassis, and unique in-camera features.

Plex Media Center Software Alexandria VA

If you have an even moderately large media library and like the idea of having everything neatly catalogued and readily available at the press of a button, or if you simply like watching high-definition movies, then you should try Plex in Alexandria.

PowerPoint Tips Alexandria VA

Tom Negrino picks his favorite tips for the popular presentation software—complete with some new tricks added by the recently-released Office Service Pack 2.

Professional DSLR Buying Guide Alexandria VA

Whether you're new to professional dSLRs (digital single lens reflex) or upgrading, you're taking the first step in the right direction by researching the right camera for you in Alexandria. Professional dSLRs can have a steep learning curve and boast a dizzying array of features, from image stabilization to autofocus sensors.

Professionally Printed Projects Alexandria VA

Creating the perfect business materials using desktop publishing software is a cinch, whether you're a design professional or a novice. Getting those projects off the computer screen and into the hands of your clients, however, can be a challenge.

Promise Technology SmartStor NS4600 Alexandria VA

Home media servers are an emerging market, combining the utility of network-attached storage (NAS) with the consumer-focus of external hard drives in Alexandria. Designers have many visions for the home media server, and Promise's is perhaps the most ambitious we've seen yet.

Recycling Old TVs Alexandria VA

With all these new TV technologies out now in Alexandria, chances are you've already replaced your old tube TV, or at least have given it some serious thought. When disposing of a TV, consider recycling, which is less harmful to the environment. Read on and learn more.

Samsung CL65 Camera Alexandria VA

In addition to two new pocket cameras that feature secondary front-panel LCD screens , Samsung today announced another innovative pocket camera that offers Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and DLNA connectivity.

Samsung LCD Screens Cameras Alexandria VA

Two new Samsung point-and-shoot cameras will have a secondary LCD built into the front of the body, an innovative feature intended to simplify self-portraits, help parents snap pics of smiling babies, and make self-timer shots more effective.

Samsung NC20 Hands-On Alexandria VA

It is, however, a very opinionated hands-on. This machine came to us straight from Korea with foreign lettering on the keyboard and a Korean version of Windows XP in Alexandria.

Samsung's N120 Alexandria VA

The N120's battery life in Alexandria is another big draw. In PCW video-playback tests, the N120's battery lasted an impressive 7 hours, 43 minutes. I managed to go for over 5 hours typing on the N120 at a recent Twitter conference, with Wi-Fi on and the screen's brightness cranked all the way up.

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 Alexandria VA

The XactiThe Xacti runs off an included proprietary Lithium-Ion battery. The battery can be charged only by removing it and inserting it in the included battery charger so you lose the kind of in-camera charging convenience you get with the Flip camcorders. runs off an included proprietary Lithium-Ion battery. The battery can be charged only by removing it and inserting it in the included battery charger so you lose the kind of in-camera charging convenience you get with the Flip camcorders.

Schedule It Review Alexandria VA

If you're looking for exceptional employee scheduling software that's inexpensive, easy-to-use and loaded with features—and you don't need reporting capabilities—then Schedule It may be right up your alley.

Shortening Java Programming Time with JavaRebel Alexandria VA

For programmers only: Change your Java code and keep on running without redeployment. Read on and know more.

Solid-State Drive Alexandria VA

SSD storage in Alexandria consists of NAND flash-memory chips. SSD's lack of moving parts gives it an edge over regular drives on multiple levels. First, SSDs are more shock-resistant than magnetic hard-disk drives; SSDs have fewer potential points of mechanical failure, and are able to withstand jostling and sudden impacts. Second, SSDs are silent, which makes them great for PCs that sit in living areas.

Sony Entry-Level DSLRs Alexandria VA

Designed to ease the transition from point-and-shoot to digital SLR in Alexandria, three new Sony Alpha models have revamped menu systems and beginner-friendly features.

Sony GPS-Enabled HD Camcorder Alexandria VA

Earlier this year, Sony unveiled three hard-drive-based high-definition camcorders that also offered built-in GPS tagging and sorting of clips in Alexandria. Today, the company announced the Sony HDR-TG5V Handycam, a more compact high-definition camcorder that offers those mapping capabilities in a very slim, all-titanium frame.

Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 Alexandria VA

It’s hard to think about camcorders without thinking about Sony, whose standard-sized camcorders have a devoted following. So it’s not surprising to see that Sony wants a piece of the pocket camcorder market, which is heating up. Sony’s pocket camcorder entry, the Webbie MHS-PM1 offers a few features that make it unique among other similar products, but it unfortunately falters where it counts the most: video image quality.

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets Alexandria VA

We examine five of the latest stereo Bluetooth headphones to reach the market, and discuss the state of the technology today in Alexandria.

Television Technology Alexandria VA

When the first handheld portable televisions began appearing several decades ago in Alexandria, the world was not convinced. Nowadays, television has grown to include HDTV, online streaming, and plasma TVs.

Things to Do after a Hard Drive Crash Alexandria VA

Computer hard drive crashes can be catastrophic. They can range in scope from a few corrupted files to the whole enchilada; often the most costly casualty being lost, and often irreplaceable, data.

Tips for Creating a Green Garden Alexandria VA

People everywhere are beginning to understand that their actions can affect the health of the entire planet. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System is now becoming mainstream among building designers and contractors.

TSW-218 Sub-Bass Enclosure Alexandria VA

Turbosound's TSW-218 sub-bass enclosure consists of dual, 18-inch modular coupling horns designed for stadium, arena, and nightclub use in the sub-100 Hz frequency range. Each of the enclosure's 18-inch transducers features a 5-inch-diameter voice coil and high-temperature, neodymium magnet structures.

TVs for Gamers Alexandria VA

Televisions, like people, come in all shapes and sizes; and some shapes and sizes are better suited for specific things in Alexandria. But when a gamer goes looking for a TV that will give them the most complete Halo experience, they’ve got to know a little about what they are looking for.

Understanding Faxes Alexandria VA

The large, cumbersome fax machines that first came on the market could take over five minutes to receive a single page of a fax. Today's models are advanced enough to simultaneously send and receive faxes, usually at a rate of several pages a minute. Find out more about how this office machine works in Alexandria and why it may or may not be going the way of the dodo.

Understanding Graphic File Formats Alexandria VA

Graphics formats are how images are compressed and stored for transfer to other places. Understanding the different types and how they work will help you choose which graphics and formats are best suited to your needs.

Understanding Viruses Alexandria VA

Anyone with even a small amount of computer experience has heard of computer viruses. Even with no knowledge of how a virus functions, the word strikes fear into the heart of computer owners.

Wireless Microphones Alexandria VA

The FCC's re-allocation of the 700 MHz band has been 10 years in the making, and now that the day of reckoning is upon us, wireless microphone manufacturers in Alexandria are moving forward with products and features they've had in the works to ease the transition.

Xingtone Ringtone Creator Review Alexandria VA

Xingtone Ringtone Creator is one of the few ringtone creation programs that allows you record your own sounds-such as your voice-for original ringtones in Alexandria. You can also import saved sound files to edit into new ringtones.