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Asking a girl out should be simple and easy. However, as anyone of you who has successfully or unsuccessfully asked a girl out knows, it isn’t. In fact, any relationship expert can tell you that this initial part of dating is actually a high pressure situation—and more so when you really like the girl.

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Dating Counseling

Asking a girl out should be simple and easy. However, as anyone of you who has successfully or unsuccessfully asked a girl out knows, it isn’t. In fact, any relationship expert can tell you that this initial part of dating is actually a high pressure situation—and more so when you really like the girl. There are very instances in life wherein you would instantly get the rejection as when asking the girl out. Also, as dating tips would imply, the most painful part of this process is after the rejection. A rejection can really tear you apart and it may be difficult to recover after.

Still, with patience, timing, the right dating techniques, and a little bit of luck, asking a girl out can be easy—or, at the very least, not as difficult as it normally is. Here are some dating tips that can make the dating process less daunting:

Dating techniques on how to ask a girl out

If you are new in the business of asking a girl out, you will need this step by step technique on how to approach the asking out process. This does not guarantee a 100 percent of success. What it guarantees, however, is an increased chance of success.

One of the most useful dating techniques is nonchalance. In fact, all throughout these dating tips, this is the one trait or technique you will be using the most. The rationale behind being casual is simple: when you don’t make it appear as if asking her out is a big deal, she won’t feel so pressure. This will not only increase your success; this will also guarantee that the girl will feel at ease. For instance, when asking the girl out, one of the best dating techniques is to invite. Never ask the girl you are interested in; this gives the opportunity to say no. However, when you invite her out, it says a lot of things about it. For one, it implies that you like taking charge and you are in control. But most importantly, it exceeds casualness. It would seem as if you are going out because of the place or the activity, not because you just want to go on a date.

For example, rather than saying “do you want to go on a date me,” it’s better to invite her, such as, “Let’s try out that new dessert shop I saw down the block!” The difference between the two is phenomenal, especially if the girl is still on the fence about you. Men’s dating tips suggest that your invite should be specific—from the time to the date to place, even the things you will be doing. Again, the key to success here is to make the other feel your invite isn’t a big deal.

Also, take note that you must not use, in any form, the word “date” when you ask her out. Men’s dating tips say that the word connotes a lot of responsibility and pressure—and you do not want this, for sure, because it could turn a girl off or scare her enough to say “no.” Also, the word “date” is a big deal, and dating techniques would suggest the use of any big, daunting keywords on your invite. The more nonchalant you seem, the more comfortable the girl will be.

The invite as cover letter

You don’t need any men’s dating tips to tell you that your invite serves as the gateway to dating. Therefore, you have to make sure it’s something the girl can easily say yes to.

Again, dating tips would suggest being casual in terms of delivery. Exude confidence and resolve; if you do, the girl will feel the same. Never ask a girl out as if her answer means life and death to you—even if, more often than not, it feels like it is. Dating is like a job interview, the part where you show the girl your good side and make her realize why she should date you. The part where you ask her out, then, should have only one purpose: make her go out with you.

Also, try to make your invite simple. Do not propose activities that require hard work. Do not invite her to a place or event where she will be inconvenienced. To make the “yes” easy, the “date” should be simple. Invite her to dinner or coffee or dessert. Take her to a play or movie or musical she wants to see. The key here, as dating techniques say, is to do something she would love to do. How can she refuse to when you invite her out to watch Spring Awakening or to eat at that new steak house when she was planning to do that all along?

More dating techniques

This is the point where you need dating techniques to pull you through. Nonchalance is a great weapon—but it won’t work without the right ammunition.

Easily the most basic of all dating techniques is this: ask her out only when you are alone with her. The company of others can actually force her to say no—and it can only aggravate the pain of being rejected. Needless to say, ask her directly. Inviting her out through a third party is tacky and actually somewhat disrespectful as it exudes of arrogance. Inviting her out personally, however, will make you look confident and sincere. And these are the two things you definitely want when you’re asking someone out.

Another common dating tip: never start with “Can I talk to you?” This already implies that you’re going to ask something of grave importance—and can scare her into saying “no,” only because you already set up the conversation. Be simple and be casual.

The problem here, of course, is that the process of dating (or asking a girl out on a date) is easier said than done. Don’t worry; it’s never easy for anyone. Simply work on your confidence. Do not be afraid to hear the dreaded words: no. With confidence, plus a few dating techniques and dating tips, on your side, you will never be rejected again.