Depression Treatment Frederick MD

Concern about their family's reaction to their depression is a major reason why many teens don't seek treatment, new research suggests. In the study, which included 368 teens in Frederick and one parent or guardian of each teen, half of the teens had been diagnosed with depression.

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Depression Treatment

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Depression Treatment

WEDNESDAY, May 27 (HealthDay News) -- Concern about their family's reaction to their depression is a major reason why many teens don't seek treatment, new research suggests.

In the study, which included 368 teens and one parent or guardian of each teen, half of the teens had been diagnosed with depression. The teens and the adults were asked to rate possible barriers to depression treatment, including cost of care, concerns over perceptions of others, difficulties making appointments with a doctor or therapist, constraints due to time and other responsibilities, not wanting family members to know about the depression (asked of teens only), the unavailability of good care and simply not desiring treatment.

The researchers found that while the adult guardians were less likely to report barriers to depression treatment, among teens, worries about stigma and the reactions of their family members were listed as major issues.

Teens who perceived treatment barriers were less likely to undergo therapy or take medications. The study also found that depressed teens were much more likely to perceive barriers to treatment than non-depressed teens.

The findings appear in the June issue of the journal Medical Care.

"With teenagers, treatment decisions greatly involve other parties, especially parents. For instance, teenagers often rely on adults for transportation. Doctors need a sense not just of what the teen thinks or what the parents thinks, but what both think," study lead author Lisa Meredith, a researcher at RAND Corporation, said in a news release.

The doctor's ability to address all the perceived barriers "affects the teenager's own ability to acknowledge their depression and do something about it," she explained.

"Once primary care doctors understand the perceived barriers that exist on both sides, they are better able to work with a family to get care that feels right for a particular teenager," Meredith said.

Treatment is important because teens with untreated depression are more likely to have social and school problems, abuse drugs and alcohol, become parents at a young age, and go on to experience adult depression and possibly suicide.

More information

The Nemours Foundation has more about teens and depression.

SOURCE: Center for Advancing Health, news release, May 26, 2009

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Simple ways to fight depression

Author: Robert

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. It can also act as the deadliest mental disorder, if it goes unchecked. Fortunately there are simpler ways to combat depression than taking a long term anti depressants course.

I’ve listed some very easy tips that would help you fight depression and would also improve the quality of your life. Reduce your sweet intake. Sweet doesn’t only add to the pile of fat around your belly, but is also a contributor to depression. When taken they increase your blood sugar levels and you instantly feel energetic and light hearted. But as soon as the level of your blood sugar drops, you are left frustrated and vulnerable. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. They do relax the nerves and simulate concentration but researches have proved that while coffee and alcohol may have temporary effects on the mood; they remain the worst contributor to anxiety, and insomnia.

Start consuming folic acids and magnesium. Green leafy vegetables, if consumed regularly, would work better than any anti depressant. They are rich in folic acids, (a b vitamin), that is deficient in depressed people. Some fruits, beans and grains are also good sources of folic acid. Magnesium is known to fight depression. It can be consumed by taking a lot of nuts, pulses, grains and vegetables. Include marine food in your diet. Consume fish, as they contain omega 3 fats.

The human body can not produce it on their own, so one has to take them through diet. These are extremely important for a normal brain function. Lesser amounts of omega 3 fats in the body also make one prone to depression. Engage in some outdoor Activity Exercise work wonders and so does the fresh air and sunlight. Join dance classes with your partner or just take a brisk walk. You won’t only be spending quality time together but also keeping depression miles away. Take supplements The supplements are not only for the elderly and the sick. They are the best thing for you, once you are depressed. Many vitamins, fatty acids or other compounds, known to fight depression are not consumed by us through diet. Get a vitamin, DHA or melatonin supplement prescribed according to your age, body weight and mental conditions. Follow these tips and keep the depression away. Welcome to a happy life.

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Thomas has been writing Health, Wellness and Fitness articles for many years. His website Healthy Lifestyle has varieties of health related articles advocate people to have a healthy lifestyle . Visit Simple ways to fight depression .

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