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Presentation is key to getting the best value for your property. If you were a buyer for your property in Annapolis, what would like best like to see in it or in what condition would you like the house to be? Do a walk through of your property and see what fits or not with your 'pretend buyer' expectations and desires.

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Home Decoration Tips

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Home Decoration Tips

How to Prepare Your Home to Get Top Dollar for It

Author: Marilena Fackerell

Presentation is key to getting the best value for your property. If you were a buyer for your property, what would like best like to see in it or in what condition would you like the house to be? Do a walk through of your property and see what fits or not with your 'pretend buyer' expectations and desires.

Here are a few things to consider:

1.Lighting in the house

Is there enough light coming in from the outside, is anything obstructing the light from coming in, maybe a tree branch outside, maybe some furniture inside? Is there enough light inside? If not, I suggest you work at getting some stand alone lamps or a skylight to improve the ligting situation in your property.

Also, are there any walls that are too dark? Maybe you could repaint it in a lighter tone.
People like light in homes, so the better you get this, the better chances of a good impression, especially if people come to inspect the property in the evenings.

2.Make a to-do pre-sale checklist

Make a list of things that need to be done before you sell. Categorize them based on priority. Don't focus too much on the minors. Deal with the majors first and if there is any time left for the minors before you sell, great, otherwise don't worry about it.

Just to give you an example, I had a situation where the owner left one section of the roof unplastered and also insisted on a higher than market value price. Everything else was looking good. Well, lots of people came through the house, but most of them stumbled over the roof problem and they started to complain that these property is highly priced, considering its problems. The owner was refusing to fix anything.

In the end after many inspections she decided she will fix her roof. Unfortunately by this stage, there were very few interested buyers, because she exhausted the present buyers for this area already and they were not interested to view the property again. Once you lost interest from buyers it is very hard to get it back. So make sure you deal with the majors or you can loose a lot of money and interested buyers.


Another major factor for creating a good impression is making sure that your house is not cluttered with too much furniture, that giving the impression is a small place. Also, make sure your cupboards are neat and tidy and show lots of space available. Most buyers are interested in knowing how much space and storage space is available in the house. It might be worth renting some modern furniture if yours is outdated or worn out or putting a new couch cover over it, especially for the living room. Doorways and hallways especially should not have many things lying around, some furniture accessories can be stored away to make more room.

The proper presentation of your property can easily turn an interested prospect into an interested buyer!

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Happening Real Estate offers a choice selection of real estate throughout Brisbane. Speak with one of their real estate agents in Brisbane NOW!

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Community: Home Decoration Tips

But does this mean that fabulous homes are only for those people who have a lot of money to spare? The answer is definitely no!

The best and maybe the least expensive way to decorate with class is to go Oriental-style!

Here are some tips to transform your home into an Oriental haven.

1. Make use of basic furniture.

To achieve the Oriental look, home owners do not need to buy specialized or expensive furniture sets; they can actually make use of what they already have if it does not contradict Asian decor. A bare set of furniture made of wood and a black metal frame would qualify. The good thing about basic sets is that they are inexpensive.

The oriental look will be achieved by gathering Asian decorative pieces to mix and match.

2. Accessorize!

Many things may be considered in this step. The best part is that all of these accessories can be found at your nearest Asian market or the nearest Asian or Chinese communities.

- China wares

These will function both as eating utensils as well as for decoration. Tea pots and plates that have Oriental touches can be used as table accents. They are less expensive than purchasing oriental vases.

- Fabrics and posters

Instead of expensive paintings, home owners can utilize the use of Asian fabrics and Chinese posters by creating their own wall hanging. The materials needed are adhesives, bamboo sticks, red rope, posters and fabrics. Basically, bamboo sticks are attached on two opposite sides of the fabric to form a scroll. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

- Add fresh accents!

Oriental style of decorations employs a lot of fresh items. Oriental fruits like rambutans are placed in oriental trays to function as table centerpieces. Dried bamboo shoots and hard-stemmed plants are often placed in vases in place of Western type flowers.

- Zen fountains

Aside from the Oriental touch, it will also give a feeling of tranquility to any home. You do not need to buy a Zen fountain set - you can make it yourself. A water pump, a few rocks and Asian decorative pieces are all that is needed.

With the above tips, you can achieve the Oriental elegance without spending much!

About the Author:

Mohamed Rabea - Online Tips and Resources! http://www.post-cardprinting-guide.info http://www.postcardprinting-now.info

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thePhantomWriters Article Submission Service

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