Maintaining Your Shower La Plata MD

There are a few common things that can go wrong with your shower in La Plata, but if you attend to them straight away they should be relatively easy to fix and keep providing you with the pleasure of hot showers for many years to come.

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Maintaining Your Shower

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Maintaining Your Shower

Author: Scott Rodgers

There's nothing that helps you to shake off the drowsiness of the night before than a wonderful hot shower when you get out of bed in the morning. It is a fixture that is hard to think of not having, so it is well worth your while to keep an eye on potential trouble areas and fix them as soon as possible. Then you can make sure you've got a wonderful shower for the all the family to enjoy for many years to come.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with a shower, but luckily if you catch them early, none of them should cause a major problem. The first is if the seal around the door is broken. This results in dripping water from the shower and the possibility of penetrating through the floor tiles or continuous wetness on the shower side walls. This could result in mold or rot which can be both a health hazard, and cause you damage which will cost you money to fix. The issue really is that you might not know where the water is going, and, therefore, where it is accumulating. Which means that you can't fix the problem until it is much more serious. So it's a good idea to reseal the shower door to avoid mold and rot.

You'll probably find on your modern shower the ability to raise and lower the shower arm and head so that people of different heights can adjust it accordingly. This is great until one of the joints develops a leak. Optimally the shower is equipped with a wing nut which is useful for stopping the dripping. In many cases this will solve the problem, however, if it doesn't you'll need to take the joint apart and have a look for an o-ring or a washer that needs replacing.

If you discover that the water is not streaming from the shower faucet with equal force it might be because the tiny holes that shoot out the water are clogged. Try using a large needle or piece of wire to clear the holes of the blockage. If this doesn't work, it may be that you have a blockage further down, in which case you'll need to remove the whole arm from the wall. Use a shifting spanner on the hexagonal base near the wall and push anti-clockwise.

If this isn't the problem, then it could be that the sealing washer in the arm joint has disintegrated, in which case you will need to remove the pieces and then replace the washer.

If it isn't any of these, it could be that the water pressure throughout the house has decreased. The reason for this. It is best to ring a plumber and let them find the cause of the decreased pressure as they will be experienced in such matters.

About the Author:

Scott Rodgers is a recently retired plumber and is passionate about encouraging you to maintain your fixtures for trouble-free plumbing . Read more articles written by experienced plumbers at

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