Recycling Old TVs Salisbury MD

With all these new TV technologies out now in Salisbury, chances are you've already replaced your old tube TV, or at least have given it some serious thought. When disposing of a TV, consider recycling, which is less harmful to the environment. Read on and learn more.

Amc Towson Commons 8
(410) 825-5236
435 York Rd Ste 200
Towson, MD

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Regal Valley Mall Stadium 16
(301) 582-9139
17301 Valley Mall Rd
Hagerstown, MD

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Carrolltowne Cinemas
(410) 795-7744
Carrolltowne Shopping Ctr
Sykesville, MD

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Amc Loews White Flint 5
(301) 881-5207
11301 Rockville Pike # 302
Kensington, MD

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Bow Tie Annapolis Mall 11
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2474 Solomons Island Rd
Annapolis, MD

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Rio Entertainment Ctr
(301) 921-4684
9811 Washingtonian Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD

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St Charles Towne Cinema 9
(301) 870-6058
11115 Mall Cir Ste 100
Waldorf, MD

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Regal Bel Air Cinema 14
(410) 569-8276
409 Constant Friendship Blvd
Abingdon, MD

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Holiday Cinemas
(301) 694-0100
100 Baughmanns Lane
Frederick, MD

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Jumpers Cinemas
(410) 768-9999
8120 Jumpers Hole Rd
Pasadena, MD

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Recycling Old TVs

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With all these new TV technologies out now, chances are you’ve already replaced your old tube TV, or at least have given it some serious thought. So now the question might be, “What do I do with my old set?” Most places will not allow you to simply throw it away anymore. Many landfills will also not allow them either. Tube TVs can contain as much as 8 pounds of lead. If these TVs are just thrown into a landfill, that lead will eventually contaminate the soil, and make its way back to us.

So now that we know the hazards of just throwing out your old TV, again we must ask: “What to do with my old set?” The easiest way to dispose of it is to have one of many companies come pick it up to dispose of it. While this typically isn’t a free service, it is very convenient to have someone come to your home and haul it away. Before you do this, be sure you know what the company will do with the TV once they have it. There are a few companies out there who will just ship your old set overseas, where it will not be disposed of properly.

Call your city or county to see if they have a drop off location, or someplace you can take the TV. You may also check out the EPA’s website. They have a list of companies that participate in e-recycling or recycling consumer electronics products. You can check out their website here. Once there, you can click on the links and learn more about each company’s recycling program.

There may also be some local charities that will take your old television for recycling. This will still require you to load up the old set and drive it to the recycle location, but shouldn’t cost you anything.

Whatever you do, just make sure that the TV is disposed of properly. There are many programs out there that can help you in your quest to be green! If you're looking for a replacement, check out our rankings of the best TVs on the market.

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