Tips to Attract Customers Washington DC

Understand who your customer in Washington really is — Know the mental real estate of today's customer. It’s likely your customer has certain fears, anxieties, perceptions and expectations about doing business at this particular time in the economy. You must learn those.

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Tips to Attract Customers

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Tips to Attract Customers

Oh, the joy of customers! You need them. They are the life blood of your business. That’s obvious, but how do you mine out additional prospects who will convert into more customers?

Understand who your customer really is — Know the mental real estate of today’s customer. It’s likely your customer has certain fears, anxieties, perceptions and expectations about doing business at this particular time in the economy.  You must learn those.
Examining their mental real estate will allow you to know how to overcome those fears and deal with their perceptions. Their fears are very similar to other customers’ fears. Once you interview them about their perceptions, you can include resolutions in your future marketing and sales presentations.
Understand why your customer contracted with your company  — Ask, “I’m curious, why did you select our company to perform your work?” Don’t simply accept a standard answer from your customer. Dig a bit deeper to determine the real reason or reasons they selected your company.
Knowing the reasons your customers select your company can provide a basis for your future marketing programs.

Understand why your customer chose you  — Ask, “I’m curious, of all the sales representatives you spoke with, why did you select me?” You have specific traits, talents, skills and a persona that causes people to buy from you. It still remains true that people buy based on likeability, trust, credibility, respect and rapport.
The best place to find new customers is from your existing customers. The best way to get referrals is to demonstrate your genuine concern for your business and your customers with sincere questions that help you and help them. n

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Viral videos are the latest trend in internet marketing. Everyone wants to create a video that “goes viral” and receives millions of hits within a few days or weeks with minimal production costs and a huge impact on their sales!

It’s difficult to attempt to create a viral video, since the chances of any particular video going viral, however clever and well-produced, are minimal. Yet the instinctive reaction of many is to simply abandon the concept of creating promotional videos. The technique of creating promotional videos should not be abandoned so quickly, however! Even if your video content doesn’t go viral (and you should never assume that it will), there are many advantages to creating videos.

1. Videos are easy to produce

Everyone seems to think that videos take hours upon hours of time, makeup and hair artists, costumes, video producers with years of experience, and a lot of money to produce. In fact, videos are relatively easy to produce if you plan properly.

Make sure you have the script and setting planned, along with other technical details, so you don’t end up having to reschedule if you forgot something crucial. Plan a time to shoot the video and stick to it, and make sure you don’t take too long to shoot it. Editing and uploading the video should be relatively straightforward.

Customers don’t expect videos to be perfect, and will probably not even notice little imperfections that annoy you. Actually getting the video out there is much more important than making it perfect!

2. Videos put a face to your business’ name

Anyone can create some content, slap it onto a domain, and call it a business. If you’re exclusively online and don’t have a physical presence, it s even harder to gain the respect of customers, and a reputation for being “personal” and easy to relate to.

With videos, customers can see the face of the CEO, employees, or business. Company websites have a reputation for being stiff and formal, difficult to “interact with”, but watching a video about a company makes a greater impact on customers than just reading text. It instills trust and gives them the feeling that they know you.

3. Videos are a permanent source of traffic

Once produced and uploaded, a video will usually garner an initial burst of interest and then dwindle a little. Don’t worry, though! The video will be a permanent source of traffic for your website. The more videos you release, the better you’ll do, just like large movie studios that don’t release just one film in a year.

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